Clamdigging Around Rowayton

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Rowayton is a Honey of Place… and more about Bees…

Red Bee Honey Carla Marina Marchese, Beekeeper, Author, Speaker and Honey Sommelier is a passionate and inspirational speaker who has dedicated her life to honeybees and educating chefs, foodies and beekeepers about the culinary delights of artisanal honey. She is the founder of Red Bee ® Honey, The American Honey Tasting Society and the author […] [Read More]

Flower Arranging for Kids …. Rowayton-Style at Gardening 101 for Kids with Carol Giunta

A How to spruce up the holiday table with a little “Spring” bouquet.   Learn about our early spring flowers and how to arrange them.  Carol Giunta of the Rowayton Gardeners will be leading this gardening workshop for kids ages 8 and up at the Rowayton Library on Monday, April 2 and April 9 @ 3:30pm.  […] [Read More]