50 Years… Rowayton Art Show helps educate children

CCNS’s Art Show – Seven Featured Artists

Founded in 1953, the Community Cooperative Nursery School (www.ccnsct.com) is one of a few cooperative preschools left in Connecticut where parents own and participate in the running of the school.  The school’s curriculum focuses on learning through play, creativity and nature.

For 50 years, Rowayton’s little red schoolhouse on a hill has also been transforming itself into a high caliber art gallery, featuring a range of works by over a 100 local and international artists as its means to support their educational goals.

In advance of CCNS’ 50th Anniversary Art Show fundraiser to be held June 7-10, each week this blog hopes to introduce one of the featured artists.  The show will be a “best of” retrospective with artists who represent a range of styles and visions, coming from as near as SoNo and far away as SoHo and Holland.   Forty percent of the proceeds from the show go directly to CCNS and are tax deductible.

Here is a list of featured artists:  Paul Balmer, Andrea Bonfils, Helen Cantrell, Eline de Jonge, Lori Glavin, Claudia Mengel, and Duvian Montoya.