Work to be done, Rowayton… after the snow

A snow emergency remains in effect in Norwalk and Mayor Richard Moccia has asked residents to observe the state-wide travel ban.

Snow removal continues in Norwalk where Department of Public Works crews have been on duty since the storm began.  Barring unforeseen difficulties, plowing of all roads is projected to be complete by 7 o’clock this evening. School and other parking lots will be completed after that time with DPW staff wrapping up by midnight tonight. City sidewalks will be started when all mains are done.

Customer Service is co-locating at the Public Works Center and will be staffed until needed.  Residents are asked to be patient as Public Works Crews make every effort to clear all roads.  GPS units are mounted on all vehicles and verify that snow plow routes are completed prior to staff being released tonight.  While it expected that all streets will be clear, residents area asked not to expect all streets to be cleared until Sunday.

Based on the Governor’s continuing ban on travel Norwalk Transit has cancelled service for today.

Norwalk Libraries will remain closed today.

Report downed wires or power outages directly to Connecticut Light and Power by calling 800-286-2000 or go to

Updates will be distributed to the media as warranted. The Norwalk Department of Information Technology has highlighted the standard snow storm preparedness and snow removal operations information on the city website homepage The Department will continue to publish pertinent information to the homepage as it becomes available from City’s officials and Department of Emergency management