No trains out of Rowayton… on Monday

Fellow Commuters… 

As of noon on Sunday 2/10, CDOT and Metro-North say there will be NO TRAINS Monday morning from any stations between New Haven and Stamford.  There will be service to GCT from Stamford and intermediate stations. 

The problem is that most of our fleet of trains is trapped under 3+ ft of snow in the New Haven and Bridgeport yards.  National Guard troops are trying to dig them out. 

Substituting buses for trains is not an option.  A single ten car train on Metro-North carries 1000 passengers.  That would mean 50 buses for one train, and buses are not available. 

Driving to Stamford to catch a train will not be an option.  The 1900 space garage at Stamford is usually full by 7 am on a typical weekday and is probably full already today (Sunday). 

Here are some of your alternatives: 
1) Stay home.  Telecommute.

2) If you must be in NYC Monday morning, go in today (Sunday).

3) You may be able to take a bus to Stamford.  Schedules are available at and  But as of Sunday bus service is either still cancelled or very limited.

4) Drive to another train station west of Stamford though parking will be a problem.  Also consider the Harlem line of Metro-North where large stations like White Plains offer more parking.  New Haven line tickets are honored on that line (but not on Hudson line trains).

5) Consider Amtrak from New Haven or Bridgeport.  Limited service is being restored between Boston and NYC on Sunday.  Check for the latest at 

The sun may be shining today.  Your local station’s parking lot and platforms may be clear.  But do not count on train service, especially Monday morning, if you commute from any station between New Haven and Stamford, including the New Canaan, Waterbury and Danbury branch lines. 
Metro-North and CDOT are working as hard as they can to restore service.  If anything changes today, we will update you on our website at and on our Twitter feeds (@CTRailCommuters).  

JIM CAMERON Chairman CT Rail Commuter Council “Advocates for better rail services in CT” Web:     E-Mail: Twitter:         @CTRailCommuters