Rowayton… tell us some Art Stories… Art21 Stories

Monday, February 25 @ 12 Noon – Art21 Stories:  Film, Discussion & Craft with RAC artists

Over the past decade, Art21 has established itself as the preeminent chronicler of contemporary art and artists through its Peabody Award-winning biennial television series, “Art in the Twenty-First Century.” Come and become familiar with contemporary art and artists and the creative process.  Join us at the Rowayton Library for a “brown bag” lunch, refreshments, a movie, craft and discussion – this session led by RAC artists Hu Lindsay and Kathy Draper… for adults interested in Art.  Co-Sponsored by the Rowayton Arts Center.  This month’s film:  Art21 – Stories:  How do artists tell stories in their work? How does contemporary art reflect and reveal narrative traditions? How does the art of today record and describe the world around us? The “Art in the Twenty-First Century” documentary “Stories” explores these questions through the work of Charles Atlas, Kara Walker, Kiki Smith, Do-Ho Suh, and Trenton Doyle Hancock.