You Know You Grew Up In Milford If…

These are from the Facebook group. I didn’t grow up here, but I know most of these.

How about you?

Comments, new entries welcome.

You remember Wawa and all the old signs in that plaza.
You have eaten at Maxine’s or Pop’s. Like eighty seven times.
The trailer park across from McDonald’s. :[
You’ve been on a field trip to tour Historic Milford.
You stepped on every piece of step on those steps at the Milford Historical Society that George Washington walked on.
You remember when all the playgrounds were made of wood at the elementary schools.
You’ve seen Stella in the cemetery on Buckingham or you’ve seen the bloodstain in the middle of the road behind Bic.
You’re sad that Ray’s Antique’s and Smokey the Cat are gone.
You’ve been to or worked at Camp Katoya.
You’ve seen at least one performance at the theater by the train station.
You’ve taken dance lessons from Lee Lund.
You miss the Milford Citizen.
You have waited for the “It must be spring, we’re open!” sign every year desperately. But then you don’t understand why they don’t ever take it down (at The Sundae House).
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  1. Shirley W says:

    The “pink store” at Ft Trumbull….block dances in parking lot behind Harrison’s….Lasse’s roast beef….skating at Nigs Pond on Meadowside….fishing off the rocks by the yacht club….the Milford Drive in…

  2. Nim says:

    Oh yes all these posts bring back memories,how about Mickey’s & Williams boat rentals on East Brodway where they would tow you out in a row boat to Charles Island for a day of fishing,all the rides and arcade down the road,Punuchies had the best sausauge and peppers,Brodricks bar and grill just to name a few and yes the bond fires on Nigs pond and sledding down the hill onto the ice.Henery’s and Carrol’s hamburgs also Paul’s were the hangouts of the day.These are surelly day’s gone bye….

  3. Joe M. says:

    I do remember the Happy House….

    How about these?
    SkateWorld and Rollerland Friday night skates
    Milford Amatuer Jai-Alai….or Milford Jai-Alai for that matter
    Berman’s Leather and Childworld…..worked them both in High School
    Remember Boomers? and the shot chair…..
    Remember when you could dive off the rock at Anchor Beach?
    Remember the Howard Johnson’s rest stop where the McDonalds is on I95?
    Remember sledding behind Foran?…..before liability issues?….

    Been gone for 3+ years (lived in and around Miford all my life) and miss it everyday!!!

  4. Shell says:

    BEST OF GROWING UP WITH MILFORD MEMORIES: Meeting my best friend after school every day without fail at the corner of Overlook Dr. and Pumpkin Delight Rd.; we’d walk all the way to “Bill’s gas station”, run by old Bill, that’s all we knew. He sold gas and penny candies which we would be goggle eyed at the choice no matter that we saw them every day or not. To us the candy was enshrined behind a very big glass enclosure protecting the various candy bins; the choice was almost too much! We’d fill up a big bag each of one of almost every kind and eat it all up before we got home.

    A side note: Across the street from Bill’s gas station was a place called “Peggy’s Doll Shop”, a small independent factory. You could go there and pick out heads and different parts and clothes and have your own doll made. I remember touring the modest factory and that wonderful smell of rubber dolls. Also, eating dinner out at “Lasse’s Restaurant” almost next door from Bill’s gas station. I distinctly recall going crazy over their hot roast beef sub with french dip and french fries… oh man!

    From cradle to young adult, growing up there brings back both good and bad memories. But all of these comments are true. There will never be anything close to filing through our memories and picturing the places and faces that will be forever implanted in our brains. Forever there to ponder and wonder and be amazed at how much the world has taken a departure from our glory days.
    Will always love you, Milford and Barb.

  5. Darcy T. says:

    Kinloch. Now THAT was a hill. Your first successful bike ride down that sucker was a rite of passage.

  6. Charlene H says:

    Charlie the Ice Cream Man. What was under his hat?? Tree forts…

  7. Charlene H says:

    Church Hill , was the steepest street where I use to ride my bicycle down… awsome memories growing up in Milford across from the beach on East Broadway…..

  8. Charlene H says:

    I Remember every 4th of July fireworks from Charles Island, and The Blue Moon Cafe . It had a padio that was on the beach side and as a kid we would sit on the beach and the gown ups would throw us change and everyone would dig in the sand, and if u were lucky enough to get a quarter we would go to the store that was right next to the blue moon cafe, I don’t remember on to spell it , but maybe someone who reads this can help me. The store next to the blue moon was Digleannes..

  9. Charlene H says:

    I remember when getting put in the row boats on East Broadway when it flooded. They would take the whole neighborhood to higher ground , which then was Pumkin Delight school..

  10. Darcy T. says:

    OMG! Just ran across this site. This is like a freakin time capsule. Does anyone remember:

    The Happy House at the Post.
    Cody White Funeral Home.
    The stories about Lauralton Hall being haunted by a nun who hanged herself.
    The BBQ Restaurant.
    The Mermaid Tavern.
    The Ship’s Wheel.
    The Electric Grape (60’s discoteque on Daniel Street).
    Walking out to Charles Island and seeing the broken Madonna statue and the stone archway.
    Getting softserve cones at Carvel.
    Ordering dinner take-out from Chicken Delight.
    Milkman coming to the house twice per week from Knudsen Bros.
    Charles Chips deliveries.
    Buying huge sweet tarts from Wawa and licking them until our tongues bled.
    My dad falling through the ice at the pond one night as he was looking for my sister. It was only waist deep, contrary to popular belief that it had no bottom. Good thing the bonfire people were there to fish him out. God knows I didn’t. I ran for help. :-)
    Going roller skating at Lordship.
    Going to the Aherns amusement park in Stratford on a Sunday afternoon and riding in the little boats.
    Sneaking into the haunted house in Stratford.
    Riding our horses in Eisenhower Park and the Platt farm, picking Macintosh apples as we went and hoping not to get caught. Those were some good apples.
    Accompanying my dad to the city dump and riding on the tailgate of the station wagon thinking it was better than life itself.
    Grabbing on to car bumpers in the winter and “skiing” down the road.

    Yes, those were the days. I am lucky I am still alive. LOL.