You Know You Grew Up In Milford If…

These are from the Facebook group. I didn’t grow up here, but I know most of these.

How about you?

Comments, new entries welcome.

You remember Wawa and all the old signs in that plaza.
You have eaten at Maxine’s or Pop’s. Like eighty seven times.
The trailer park across from McDonald’s. :[
You’ve been on a field trip to tour Historic Milford.
You stepped on every piece of step on those steps at the Milford Historical Society that George Washington walked on.
You remember when all the playgrounds were made of wood at the elementary schools.
You’ve seen Stella in the cemetery on Buckingham or you’ve seen the bloodstain in the middle of the road behind Bic.
You’re sad that Ray’s Antique’s and Smokey the Cat are gone.
You’ve been to or worked at Camp Katoya.
You’ve seen at least one performance at the theater by the train station.
You’ve taken dance lessons from Lee Lund.
You miss the Milford Citizen.
You have waited for the “It must be spring, we’re open!” sign every year desperately. But then you don’t understand why they don’t ever take it down (at The Sundae House).
Frank Juliano