You Know You Grew Up In Milford If…

These are from the Facebook group. I didn’t grow up here, but I know most of these.

How about you?

Comments, new entries welcome.

You remember Wawa and all the old signs in that plaza.
You have eaten at Maxine’s or Pop’s. Like eighty seven times.
The trailer park across from McDonald’s. :[
You’ve been on a field trip to tour Historic Milford.
You stepped on every piece of step on those steps at the Milford Historical Society that George Washington walked on.
You remember when all the playgrounds were made of wood at the elementary schools.
You’ve seen Stella in the cemetery on Buckingham or you’ve seen the bloodstain in the middle of the road behind Bic.
You’re sad that Ray’s Antique’s and Smokey the Cat are gone.
You’ve been to or worked at Camp Katoya.
You’ve seen at least one performance at the theater by the train station.
You’ve taken dance lessons from Lee Lund.
You miss the Milford Citizen.
You have waited for the “It must be spring, we’re open!” sign every year desperately. But then you don’t understand why they don’t ever take it down (at The Sundae House).
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Frank Juliano

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  1. LuAnn says:

    Maybe the smell in Dr. Malone’s office was whatever they cleaned that big old leather furniture with. I don’t know!!! Too funny.
    My Dad used to coach Little League at the baseball field at Meadowside School. There was a snack bar there and you could buy lots of candy!

  2. Corrine Cassavaugh says:

    LuAnn I think I remember Mr Perry was my competition back in the day! He had a truck and I had my wagon. Isn’t that funny!!

  3. Corrine Cassavaugh says:

    Thanks Al for letting me know it was First National! That was the only store I ever saw that had a conveyor! I’m so glad LuAnn and Rob remember Dr Malone and Nurse Helen! She sure did have an amazing sense of humor and a smile I will never forget! I certainly do remember that smell LuAnn, still not sure what it was but so many years later I remember it, Lol! I don’t think they make Nurses like Helen anymore, she was one in a million! Anyone remember the man in Devon (Housatonic Drive)who had the beautiful flower and vegetable gardens and his little grandaughter would go around with her wagon selling the vegetables? That little girl so long ago was me. So many wonderful memories. Thanks to all who post. It’s so nice to remember Devon/Milford.

  4. Gary says:

    Hey LuAnn and Greg (sis & bro),

    I certainly remember the bonfires at the pond. I played a big part in those :)

    Anyone else remember the bull that got loose and ran around Meadowside Rd. and Harkness Drive? And we were all crazy enough to run around the neighborhood looking for it?

    Have to mention Vito DeVito and Don Guy at JLHS.

  5. Rob says:

    Ah! Helen Washburn, Dr. Malone’s nurse – a cool lady, always did her thing with a smile. Even when I was getting poison ivy immunization shots by her she’d smile and say “Drop the pants and show me your fender!”
    What was the name of the fish ‘n’ chips place on the Post Road in Devon not far from the bridge? A Friday must for years. MM MM good!

  6. Greg says:

    LuAnn, thanks for that last post. After Christmas we would gather up the dried out Christmas trees up and down Meadowside Rd and thrown them into the bonfires. What a site! And when were no longer wanted to ice skate, we would get cardboard boxes from the corner store and ride down the icy hill on them. If the hill was really iced over, we would try to ice skate down the hill.

  7. LuAnn says:

    I certainly do remember Dr. Malone and Helen and that strange smell in the waiting room. Mr. Perry used to drive down Meadowside Rd. with his truck full of vegetables and flowers. Wolfe’s Bakery was awesome and I never did see submarines at those races!!!!!!! Bonfires at Nig’s Pond and catching turtles. Fagan’s Restaurant in Devon.

  8. Al says:

    The grocery store by King’s with the coveyor outside was First National Store. Len Coviello was manager. I worked there. My Dad was manager of the original First National next to Taylor Library be fore they transferred him to a Bridgeport store. The one next to the Library later became First New Haven National Bank.

  9. madeline says:

    How about restaurants Conti’s and Donats’ (senior prom dinner 63′) and The Apple at the end of Milford Point Rd.
    Going split sessions at MHS before JLHS was built. All freshmen & sophomore girls in the PM and Juniors, seniors and sophomore boys in the AM.
    Next chance you get check out the memorial stone carousel horse at Silver Beach to honor families and businesses at Walnut & Silver Beach.

  10. Mike Krauss says:

    Visiting the Nike Site with my dad snd my brother off of Anderson Ave near Quirk’s Pond. Seeing the bay doors open and a Nike-Ajax missile arise from the bunker in which it was stored. Hearing the gasps of neighbors as the missile was revealed. The “Cold War” was alive and “well” in our City of Milford.

  11. Corrine Cassavaugh says:

    Does anyone remember Dr. Malone and Nurse Helen from Rivercliff Dr. in Devon? It’s been 40 years and i will never forget them. Nurse Helen always wore her nurse hat and white dress, just the perfect example of a nurse.
    And Fibbers, my Dad played ball for them so many years ago. Such great memories. Although we moved to NH almost 40 yrs ago I will always love Milford.

  12. Laura Patruno says:

    Hi Frank, Whom ever purchased the convent they turned the propety into condominiums. Not sure what year that was done.

  13. Shawn Howard says:

    I grew up on Housatonic Dr. in Devon. I remember the Devon Diner, Butterfly Net, Walsh’s Pharmacy, fishing and crabbing in the marsh off of Sailor’s Lane, Edgar the crow who used to fly to you if you made crow noises, Devon News, jumping off the bridge, walking to the Dock when it was just Bradlees, MediMart and Stop and Shop, walking to St. Ann’s (no bus if you lived under a mile), driving straight through Silver Sands, the smell of Raybestos from across the river…..Wow, so many memories, thanks to all who posted!

  14. Hi Laura,
    Friends of mine who used to live at 18 Shorefront in Wildermere Beach bought their house from nuns in 1972. I believe they were Sisters of Notre Dame (?) based in Westchester and this was a novitiate convent. Was this the same order as on Shell Street?

  15. Laura Patruno says:

    Impys Hotdog Stand on East Broadway. The Nuns Convent on Shell Street. H&L Greens next to Kings on Cherry Street.

  16. mike p says:

    colonial theater in walnut beech, pat and lous hot dog stand, panuchis hot dog stand, malafontes market, sterns, primoses,joe lombardis, rae and andys, williams boat across from mickeys boat,riding homemade gocarts down church hill,smiths roller rink for roller skating,west shore rec basketball and dances in the fiftys my sister bunny would win all the dance contests.

  17. Rocco says:

    Joe’s Candy (not proud of asking for soda so he would go in the back and you can grab some free sweetish fish) they were only a penny each
    Riding my bike to DQ
    Before public transportation, taking a school bus for $2 to the Milford mall so I could ride the elevator at Alexander’s and open the door to stop it in-between floors then getting a milkshake from the nice ladies at kreskes? “no idea how to spell this”
    Jumping off the Devin bridge
    Ice skating on beaver creek
    Walking out to Charles Island
    Laurel beach low tides walking out to the lighthouse
    Watching Chris Watts dunk in 8th grade then go on to be a great college player at Providence
    Playing street hockey behind the library “Go Sharks”
    Playing pool, bowling and ping pong at the casino
    Buying fireworks from Vinnie’s parents…she had the best homemade chocolate chip cookies

  18. Bob Mapp says:

    Back in 36 we had ken nobles drug to meet the girls fladds dock to swim the back pond for fishing and thr mud hole in the creek to swim

  19. Mike b says:

    Mr. Steak in Milford center, Turnpike Motel, Grand Union on Milford green,, Hobbies unlimited next to Bess Eaton donuts, Walts roast beef in Devon, Long Riders motorcycle shop in Devon,

  20. Ron says:

    Lou Galby’s Driving Range in Woodmont
    Wepawaug Marina
    Platt’s Apple Orchards on North Street
    The Town Squire
    Nesbitt’s Market on North Street
    Fairway Gardens Nursery in Woodmont

  21. george says:

    How Bout Mexican Food At El Torero Across From The Bowling Alley. Donats Restaurant. Samos Pizza, And Sneaking Ingo The Gym At Milford Academy To Play Basketball.
    Pops Restaurant On New Haven Ave.
    Bull And Bear bar

  22. George says:

    What about the mexican restaurant El-Torero across from the bowling alley and Samos Pizza on Gulf street. Also I remember sneaking in to play basketball at Milford Academy.

  23. Corrine Cassavaugh says:

    Oh yes, one more…the grocery store near King’s that had the grocery conveyor leading to outside where you could pick up your groceries?? Wow, those were the days!Was that Grand Union, A&P?…I can’t remember!

  24. Corrine says:

    Miller Electrics Christmas decorations.
    Devon Diner
    Sledding on St. Anns hill
    Slims aka Charlies on Lenox Ave.
    Walking to the Dock (Bonnie & Clydes, Stratford)
    Merles Record Rack at Ct. Post
    Mrs. McGowans house across from Mcdonalds
    McDonalds when you had to eat outside
    Pauls corner of Naugatuck & Bridgeport Ave.

  25. Al says:

    those were the good days ,pauls soda fountain in devon after a long day at devon school….cherry cokes never tasted so good..oh boy …the fiftys abd sixys were the best for any kid good clean fun we, ll most of the time lol!!!

  26. Lynne B says:

    Ship, you forgot Fibber’s! Where Archie Moore’s is now…

    I remember you guys (The Creations)! And didn’t Danny also play for Jasper Wrath?

  27. Pat George says:

    I didn’t see any mention of “Paul’s Hamburgers. I really miss those cheeseburgers and milk shakes!

  28. Skip Borden says:

    What about:
    10cent pop-corn at Howes Drugs
    The Pilgrim Grill
    W.T. Grant
    Vanbuskirk’s Gift Shop
    Western Auto
    Hausman’s Pharmacy
    Dodge Bakery
    Jake’s Restaurant
    Blue Moon
    Spike’s Diner
    Arnold College
    Fred’s Shoes
    Block Dances at Harrisons Lot
    Rec Dances at Milford High Gym
    Rec Dances at West Shore Rec Gym
    Dance at Town Hall Auditorium
    Memorial Woods Short Cuts
    Oyster Boats
    Smith’s Skating Rink
    Walsh’s Pharmacy
    Devon Diner
    Camp Clark (Mfd. YMCA & Rev.Peter Pond)
    Michael’s Hobby Shop
    The Creation’s (Chuck Delaney,Danny Gomes, Howie Plant & Skip Borden)

  29. Bert, your comments here are always welcome and appreciated. As a fairly “Johnny-come-lately” to Milford I envy those who grew up here. It sounds like an idyllic place to be a kid.

  30. Bert says:

    Funny you read 30 or forty comments then see what you mention on the comment just before yours , LOL such is life .

  31. Bert says:

    I read many of these and I didn’t see Ft. Trumbull Elm. mentioned anywhere. I went there in the 50’s did my grade school years then moved up the other end of town did 7th & 8th grades at Kay Ave. and went to JL. I know almost everything mentioned in these comments and went to all the places. I skated on nigs pond, had many campfires on it, There was another little one we skated on just off Noble Ave.We called the pond down town the duck pond, we skated the river from down town all the way up to the YMCA camp. Use to jump off the Devon bridge and then go to A&W for root beer in frosted mugs. Not many of those places left, but I did go to one a few months ago in Seligman AZ, that was a treat.
    Remember the A&P, we did our shopping there. Those were the days HUH.

  32. jeff says:

    Fort Trumbull Elementary School and the food fair market on east broadway. Dave’s Cave music store. Electric Lady Land head shop.

  33. George says:

    Henry’s 15-Cent Hamburger Drive-In on Cherry Street, was a very popular place for years, and prior to McDonald’s or BurgerKing, arriving in this area, cheeseburgers were a few cents extra and thick shakes were around 20-cents, as I recall.
    The building, minus Henry’s big sign above, has continued on as several fast-food restaurants, recently as The Greek’s (from Bridgeport) and more recently has been Goodies for years.

  34. Dianna says:

    Well well, I just took a trip down memory lane. I grew up in Milford in the 40’s and 50’s and remembered many of the places mentioned above. First job at Kings Dept store making that nasty popcorn! Eating at Howard Johnsons. Walking to Charles Island and bringing back the biggest rock I could carry and then dropping it on my foot and breaking my toes!I remember when Carvel Ice Cream came to town it was a big deal, watching movies downtown for 25 cents! The small store on Meadowside road, buying cigs for my parents (no note required yet) skating on the ponds in winter, dancing at the block party, going to MHS (Jonathan Law was not even built yet! The A& P store, hated going there cause I had to go under the train tressel (reminded me of the King Kong Movie lol). I have been gone over 50 years but Milford will always be a part of my life! Hopefully someday (it’s on my bucket list) I can return one last time.

  35. John says:

    Does anyone remeber Mikey’s Boats & Bait? Down at silver sands!

  36. Mark says:

    To answer Alans question #92 – Bowl-o-Mat on the post road in Milford was called Ten Pin in the early ’60’s, then Bowl-o-Mat, then Fair Lanes and now I am not sure what it’s called. I worked there as a kid, my first job and became assistant manager later. I moved from Milford in 1990 to Florida but I long to move back.

  37. Jesse Amione says:

    Any one out there ever been to Hershey’s on E. Broadway on Silver Sands Beach? That guy was scary but he had great candy! Does anyone have any old photos of Hershey’s or the Capital Theater? I spent every summer at Milford Beach and now I bring my kids there. I’m always telling them how it was long ago and would love to show them some pics. Thanks!

  38. Nancy Zellner says:

    All of these comments are fabulous. I’m 65. I remember:

    W. T. Grant, Kreigers, Harrisons, Courtesy Cosmetics is Milford Center.
    Walking with my grandmother while my mother shopped at the A & P. We would go looking for the duck nests at the duck pond. Quiet, don’t bother them.

    The amusement park at the beach. Flo’s pet shop. Someone going through the neighborhood with a pony and charging a nickle(?) a ride. Also a place on the Post Road…maybe across from Cassanova Candy before it was there…where they gave pony rides.

    The lemon ice stand on the corner of Lenox Ave and Naugatuck Ave. Also I started at Lenox Ave School when it only went to third grade…but then the built “the addition” so I went there to 8th. I think ours was the first class to go from kindergarten to 8th grade. We were also the first graduating class at the new Jonathan Law High School to go from freshman (9th grade) four years to graduate. There was a contest for school colors and a contest for a school logo won by my friend, Rick McCarvill.

    My mother remembered when King’s Highway Cemetery was an apple orchard and her and her brother would hide in the apple treed to watch gypsy wagons travel through a steal apples.

    I could go on and on.

  39. Lisa Winters says:

    Here are a few I didn’t see above:
    Van Cleeve’s where they sold exquisite china figurines (somewhere in the vicinity of the old Howard Johnson’s, possibly where Hooter’s is now).
    Daisy Hill; the Lily Pond, Walter, the vegetable man, Book Beast book store where I worked for a few years.

  40. Richard Platt says:

    Back in the 40s Milford High played its basketball games in the old Central Grammar School. The gym doubled as an auditorium and had a balcony. A player couldn’t shoot from the corner under the balcony because it was in the way. When the West Shore Recreation Center was built, MHS finally had a real basketball court to play in.

  41. I think the past 30 years or so has brought the most changes to Milford. Right after World War II I guess was also a busy time. What do you think?

  42. Tiffany Monigle says:

    milford pub and cinema, milford drive in, the big ball (old gate lane), roy rogers??? bess eaton donuts…child world in the mall, the stop and shop, which is now sears of the mall….and im only 31 years old.

  43. Tom Larsen says:

    I remember going to Milford High School basketball games in the late sixties when that great Milford team had Joe Kelly and Russ Hunt.

  44. Cathy says:

    “the little store in the old house at the corner of West Main and High St…” We lived around the corner – what a treat to go with a quarter and come home with a little brown paper bag full of penny candy! We always called it the “Tinker Shop” but I think the “official” name was “Towne Shop”.

  45. Richard Platt says:

    The store at the corner of West Main and High Streets was called the Towne Shop and it was in the old Ford Tavern. The house was dismantled in the 70s and re-erected in Durham by the contractor who re-erected the Stockade House and the Bryan-Downs House for the Historical Society.

  46. don wyatt says:

    How about popping a baloon at kresges to see how much you pay for your banana split

  47. Veronica Kloss Dowin says:

    “…the little store in the old house at the corner of West Main and High St. I remember going there when I was a kid and getting those tiny wax bottles with some kind of koolaid inside. You could get a bunch of them for a penny. I have never talked to anyone else that remembers the place.” I believe it was called the Tinker Shop.

  48. Jeff says:

    Who could forget before the movie, the ad for the flea market
    Wayside furniture and across the street Milford Rec
    The marsh land before it became ADP & Fairfield Inn
    Christmas shop in Glorias and the talking tree
    I think it was Settler Woods (Cub Scouts would always go there)
    High School football on Saturdays, not Friday nights
    Jonathan Law football being ranked in the top ten…Ray Ciarleglio as coach

  49. These are great Jeff, thank you.

  50. Jeff says:

    Friday nights at the Ground Round (Talent Night)
    CT Post was outdoors, and Alexander’s was never actually connected to the rest of the mall. Sidewalk sale on Aug 1.
    Walsh’s Pharmacy
    Devon Hose 4
    The Ice Pavillion was the first building on Schoolhouse Rd (BIC Dr)
    Zurko’s Farm
    Cop in the bucket, center of town
    Holiday Inn across from the Mall
    Burger King was actually on the corner
    Before McDonalds added the play area in Devon
    Fishing in the lake behind Kennedy school, and running when the police/UI showed up.
    Being able to cut across the woods, when walking home from school