Milford Surgeon Volunteers at U.S. Military Hospital

Dr. David Esposito, a Milford native with a medical practice here, spent more than two weeks in September treating injured U.S. soldiers transported from Afghanistan and Iraq to the U.S. Army’s Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

Esposito, a vascular surgeon affiliated with Milford Hospital, said there was a need for physicians with his specialty to supplement the staff surgeons at the Army hospital, the largest outside of the U.S.

Hundreds of wounded soldiers were transported to the hospital, a Level 1 trauma center, every day, he said. Esposito said he found the experience to be both personally and professionally rewarding. “I was overwhelmed with the quality of care that our ‘wounded warriors’ receive,” he said. “I learned about the system the military uses to transfer the care of soldiers expeditiously from the battlefield to the United States.

“I think Americans would be very proud of the way soldiers are cared for in their time of need.”

Frank Juliano