Young Writers Contest Winners Announced

From Dr. Telka diFate:

            Milford students in grades 1-12 submitted their creative writing entries in poetry and short stories over the past few months and twenty-eight students were chosen to be first and second place winners from fourteen different Milford schools.

“The writing contest is held annually to encourage creative writing skills, to recognize outstanding achievements in writing, and to enhance self esteem,” said club president Dr. Telka di Fate.

“Each year it seems that it becomes more and more important to recognize youth in a positive way since so many negative actions by youth get media attention. Two years ago the Milford Young Women’s Club realized the event had out grown its previous reception locations so once again it will be held at Milford’s City Hall.

           telka The following students will be recognized for poetry from the following Milford Schools:

Poetry: Category I: Grades 1-2

Brendan Buchner, Grade 2, “Winter” from Mathewson School

Mark Platonov, Grade 2, “Zebra, Rhino, Lions” from Mathewson School

Rishabh Nair, Grade2, “School” from Mathewson School

Category II: Grades 3-4

Siobhan Ekeh, Grade 4, “The Glowing Eye” from Pumpkin Delight School

Sarah Casey Grade 4, “I Love the Beach” from Orchard Hills School

Kayleigh Hackett, Grade 4, “The Ocean Rocks” from Calf Pen Meadow School

Catherine Burns, Grade 4, “Sisters” from Meadowside School

Category III: Grades 5-6

Cristina Ludwig, Grade 6, “The Color that Covers Every Feeling-Red” from Harborside Middle School

Isabella Preneta, Grade 6, “The Queen of Colors,” from Harborside  Middle School

Hannah Kupson, Grade 5, “Horseback Riding” from Calf Pen Meadow School

Zain Alvi, Grade 6, “The Unknown and Unwanted Black,” from St. Mary’s School

Category IV: Grades 7-8

Gabrielle Woodward, Grade 7, “Ode to Romeo and Juliet” from East Shore Middle School

Ashlinn Casey, Grade 8, “The Brilliance of Red” from East Shore Middle School

Agatha Holland, Grade 7, “Midnight Storm” from East Shore Middle School

Brea Lent, Grade 7, “What a Life” from East Shore Middle School

Anish Thite, Grade 7, “The Whaler” from St. James School, Stratford

Category V: Grades 9-12

Claire Ritz, Grade 10, “Fear Me, Sorry Hearts” from Foran High School

Short Stories: Category I: Grades 1-2

Marco Buschauer, Grade 2, “ Luke’s Super Magical Adventure at A.G.S. School,” from Mathewson School

Saher  Sayed, Grade 2, “A Lesson Learned” from Mathewson School

Sricharan Palla, Grade 2, “No Name,” from Mathewson School

Skye Wellington, Grade 2, “No Name” from Mathewson School

Category II: Grades 3-4

Rohan Mistry, Grade 4, “The Kid Sized Car,” from Orchard Hills School

Sarah McNemar, Grade 3, “My Puppy Roxie,” from Calf Pen Meadow School

Aayan Sarma, Grade 4, “My Epic Adventure into the Amazon” from Pumpkin Delight School

Category III: Grades 5-6

Cecelia Lickteig, Grade 6,“The Trouble With Michelle”,  from East Shore Middle School

Madeline Papcun, Grade 5, “The clue in the Window,” from Pumpkin Delight School

Category IV: Grades 7-8

Genevieve Jaser, Grade 8, “Raina’s Savior,” from East Shore Middle School

Alexandra Rivera, Grade 7, “The Oracle” from East Shore Middle School

Eric Samnang, Grade 8, “The Sidekick,” from East Shore Middle School

            The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is the world’s oldest and largest international women’s volunteer organization. The Milford Young Women’s Club is the only young women’s club in Connecticut that is a member of this prestigious organization. They have entire departments dedicated to literature, the arts and education. This contest is just one of many projects that this organization promotes.

            The GFWC-Milford Young Women’s Club also organized a youth division for girl’s 11-18 called the GFWC-Milford Girl’s Volunteer Organization. These youth organize educational and community service activities along with arts and crafts, environmental, international projects and more. Membership is open to girls and women from all local towns.

            According to the judges for the contest this year’s entries were extremely difficult to judge because the quality was outstanding. The judges spent many hours reading and judging these entries and had a difficult time choosing winners. As a result in some categories more than one honorable mention winner was given. “This contest gives a lot of encouragement to the students. You can see it in their faces when they receive their awards,” commented di Fate. Students are also reminded that they can continue to enter each year through grade 12 even if they have won previously. Home schoolers are also welcome to enter since the contest is for any Milford resident in grades 1-12.

            For more information on this contest or Milford Young Women’s Club or Milford Girl’s Club call 203-877-7921 or email:

Frank Juliano