8 a.m. traffic update

Traffic on I-95 south near North Benson Road in Fairfield.

Traffic on I-95 south near North Benson Road in Fairfield.

Things are heating up out there, and not just the weather. Traffic in one of the most congested regions of the nation is getting even more congested as rush hour reaches its peak.

And complicating your trip is another day of detours if you want to access the Devon section of Milford from I-95. The Exit 34 ramps — the first exit east of the Moses Wheeler Bridge– are still closed as construction to reconfigure the interchange around the new highway bridge continues.

The best bet is to take the northbound exit before the bridge and take the Washington Bridge over the Housatonic to reach Bridgeport Avenue (Route 1) in Milford. From the other direction the Plains Road or Schoolhouse Road ramps will get you to Route 1.

Here’s a roundup of the rest of what’s out there:


Slow-go through lower Fairfield County, but unless this is your first trip in a car at this hour, you already knew that. Nothing unusual, just the normal heavy volume from the Route 8 interchange in Bridgeport out to Norwalk and Darien, about 17 miles of highway that you’ll travel at about 30-40 miles per hour.

Also there is a lot of traffic approaching the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in New Haven from the East Haven-Branford area, with an average speed of 31 miles per hour near the Frontage Road exit in East Haven and Woodward Avenue in New Haven, the DOT says.


Delays due to heavy volume eastbound between Exits 23 and 27 (between Waterbury and Cheshire), about 3 miles.

Route 15:

There is heavy traffic along the corridor from Bridgeport to Fairfield, where the average speed is 20 miles per hour. It’s particularly heavy near the Route 111 exit in Monroe.

Frank Juliano