Another look at old Milford

One thing that’s always been fun for me is finding out what stood on a particular piece of Milford property years ago. It’s no secret that the city is changing, more so in the last 50 than the 300 before that.

Joseph Foran, the former school superintendent who was in his 90s when I knew him, used to field these queries for me, but pretty much anybody who has lived in town a number of years and has a good memory has been helpful.

I did a Sunday feature for the Connecticut Post years ago which drew on the recollections Jim Richetelli, who was mayor then, Joe and Lou Agro, Bob Gregory  and Monica Foran to describe Milford in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Now I think I found a time machine that can take us even further back.

Nathan Stowe sets himself an ambitious task in

Sixty years’ recollections of Milford, and its chronology from 1637 up
to and including 1916, by Nathan Stowe; the whole ed. and rev. by Newton
You can read it here:

Stowe includes a walk through town, listing everything that stood at a particular corner for as far back he could remember.


Frank Juliano