Bob Gregory bids adieu

He wore many hats– no, really– he seemed to have an endless supply of hats and could pull off a straw boater better than any other man in Milford.

Bob Gregory has been the economic and community development director for his hometown for decades, and before that, he was executive director of the Milford Chamber of Commerce. In between, inexplicably, he left for a few years to work in Southington.

He acted in community theater at the old Ship’s Wheel. He and Jim Rose helped organize the popular Milford High All Class Reunion. Bob oversaw Milford’s participation in the U.S. Census, making sure that everyone was counted so the city could stay above the 50,000 population threshhold to get federal block grants.

Bob’s office now is in the building where he went to high school. His grammar school was in the parking lot where he leaves his car. He can almost see from his window the house where he and his brother Dave lived for a time as children.

But that’s not to say he doesn’t get around. Among the places Bob has been is New Zealand. He and Elinor have family there; probably the only people in Milford who can say that.

If you like how downtown Milford looks these days, you could thank Bob among the people who helped revive it. If you think the slogan “The Small City With a Big Heart” is a bit much, don’t bother to tell him. He’s heard it already.

He’s a New York Yankee fan in a city with far too many of those already. He helped get a 100-square foot lot on the sand at the end of Stowe Avenue made into the first new public beach in at least 50 years.

And now he’s retiring. Someone will be hired to fill his job, but no one will replace him. Bob Gregory's Retirement Farewell


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