6:30 a.m. traffic report

“Clear” is a word you’re not likely to hear much today, except right now, about the state’s highways.

There are no major delays anywhere, though volume is beginning to build at the usual spots; Exit 27A in Bridgeport, at the Moses Wheeler Bridge in Stratford and the Merritt Parkway where Route 8/25 joins it.

The bottom of Route 8/25 in Bridgeport is also getting heavy; you will have to tap your brakes a few times merging onto I-95 there.

Traffic has generally been lighter this week than it had been lately. That’s mostly due to the end of the school year, with fewer teachers on the roads early in the morning, and the upcoming holiday.

There are construction delays on I-95 on the Milford side of the Moses Wheeler Bridge, though at the moment it’ll just mean slowing down a bit as you pass through the area.

There is another construction delay on Route 69 at the New Haven–Woodbridge line, where repairs to a broken water main continue.

Metro North trains are operating at or close to schedule.

I-95 at Wordin Avenue, Bridgeport, at 6:30 a.m.

I-95 at Wordin Avenue, Bridgeport, at 6:30 a.m.



Frank Juliano