Tricky intersection now a 4-way stop

You know you’re from Milford if…..

You always look to the left if you’re crossing West Main Street at High, headed toward the Green.

Well, it won’t be as easy to spot the out-of-towners anymore, but on the plus side, there should be fewer accidents at that intersection to slow us down.

A new stop sign has been installed by the public works department, making what had been a three-way intersection into a more standard four-way.

The Board of Police Commissioners approved the change after a traffic study recommended it, said Officer Jeff Nielsen, the police spokesman.

“This four way intersection was previously controlled by three stop signs, allowing westbound traffic on West Main Street to travel unrestricted through the intersection,” Nielsen wrote in a press release.

“As a result of traffic studies and feedback from the community…this  intersection is now controlled by stop signs in all four directions.”

Frank Juliano