Boston Post Road businesses shaken by shooting

Guests at the Shoreline Motel were awakened by police banging on their doors before dawn, and the owner of a liquor store across the Boston Post Road provided investigators with surveillance video from his camera.
State Police along with investigators from the Milford State’s Attorneys office and local police are still at the Patriot Fuels gas station and convenience store, where a State Trooper interrupted a robbery in progress at about 3 a.m and fatally shot the suspect.
The man, described as white and wearing a black mask staggered from the store and collapsed in the parking lot.
His body, covered with a sheet lay next to the store’s outdoor ice machine for more than nine hours.
Jose Cerda, manager of Mike’s Package Store, said he was happy to comply when police asked for the video from his store camera aimed at the street.
Although he’s had no incidents since opening here in 1998, a convenience he helped run in New Haven was held up that same year, and he was hit over the head with the baseball bat he kept to defend himself.
With blood pouring into his eyes Cerda said he was unable to pursue the thief, who was not caught.
The scalp wound left a gash that is still visible on his shaved head today.
“You want my help, I try to help you,” Cerda said. “But you come in and try to take what’s mine, of course I fight you.”
A clerk at the Shoreline Motel said the overnight manager slept through the incident and couldn’t provide any information.
But guests were interviewed by police and some of them were upset, she said.
Diane Domin, manager of the Starlander Beck audio store across the street from Patriot Fuels said break-ins to Route 1 businesses are more common since the recession but there have been no shootings that she could recall.
Nearly 10 hours after the incident state police were not releasing the name of the dead man or the veteran trooper who shot him.
It is still unclear how many shots were fired or where the suspect was fatally struck.


Frank Juliano