Academy Museum gift shop has “technology” gifts

No one in Milford and Orange will confuse the bog box electronics stores along the Boston Post Road with the white Colonial that houses the Orange Historical Society’s museum and gift shop.

But volunteer and spokeswoman Ginny Rhinehardt points out that her shopat 605 Orange Center Road sells many of the same type of gifts.

For example, phones. And you don’t need apps or chargers for them.

And cameras. You’ll have to think more in f-stops than mega-pixels but the museum store’s cameras are also point and shoot, sort of.

Radios? Yep. The shop has those too. You be able to listen to your favorite podcasts, but NPR comes in just fine.

The Academy Museum Antique and Gift Shop is open Saturdays from 10-3 for all your 20th, and 19th century needs. Call 203-795-3106 for more information.

Frank Juliano