Assisted suicide discussion at Milford Library

The controversial topic of the right to die will be examined during a thought provoking program at the Milford Library on Tuesday, January 14 at 7 p.m.

A short documentary, “The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner” will be shown. This Oscar-nominated film follows the governor of Washington State as he rallies support for the nation’s second assisted suicide legislation.  Following the film, there will be a discussion of the issue.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the choice of physician-assisted suicide, and the Connecticut Legislature currently has a bill before it to make Connecticut the fifth state to sanction this practice.   While this is a difficult topic to explore, many people are rallying to provide a more dignified and pain-free death with the help of their physician.   Other people, of course, feel differently – many for religious and ethical reasons.

Included in the discussion will be representatives from both sides of this issue, including Barbara Jacobs, former Director of the Ethics Consultation Service at Hartford Hospital and Tim Appleton, community activist for Compassion and Choices, an organization dedicated to changing attitudes, practices and policies so that everyone can access the information and options they need to have more control and comfort at the end of life.

This discussion is free and open to the public.   All are welcome.


Frank Juliano