Law school student from Milford wins ABA competition

Via John Morgan:

Quinnipiac University School of Law students Emily Kaas of West Haven, and Chris Satti of Milford, both members of the school’s Society for Dispute Resolution (SDR), won the American Bar Association’s regional Client Counseling competition held Sunday at Touro Law Center in Central Islip, N.Y.

Fifteen teams from law schools in the Northeast competed. The win allows Kaas and Satti to advance to the national competition, which will be held March 21-22 at the University of Oklahoma College of Law in Norman, Okla. Twelve teams from around the country will compete at nationals.

Quinnipiac sent two teams to the regional competition and both advanced to the semifinal round. Kaas and Satti, both first-year law students, emerged with the top scores after five rounds of competition.

Satti says the competition was an invaluable experience, both for his future law career and on a personal level. “Experiencing any interpersonal relationship and being able to relate to another is a fundamental element of society. Being able to associate and empathize with another human being is truly a powerful experience. It was just a plus that I can use this experience toward my legal career.”




Frank Juliano