Veteran writer puts it down “As You Recall”

Judy Goldwyn is a veteran scribe who has worked in public relations and for non-profits, and also teaches memoir and creative writing.

Judy has also been a dedicated fan of live theater in venues big and small, and — full disclosure — I also consider her a friend.

Judy has just launched her new blog, “As You Recall,” and her memoir-writing business, in which, as Judy says, she’ll help you set down YOUR personal history, the way you remember it.


Here’s Judy:

You’ll be surprised how the memories flow once you get started. There are just a couple of rules you’ll want to observe: 1. Don’t start at the beginning. 2. Write as the thought comes. I’ll show you how to keep some order in your random writing. 3. Remember that it’s YOUR story. Exclude anything you prefer to forget and tell what you remember, not what your sister tells you happened. We can always go back and change it later.

They’re your memories and I will help you write them exactly As You Recall.

Visit Judy Goldwyn’s blog here:

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