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Think Summer! Sailing sign ups started today

Vol. II, No. 78

Sailing students make their way around a figure eight course just off of Longshore Sailing School's beach. Photo by John Kantor.

Well, the days are getting longer and the current temp in Westport is above freezing. Time to think sailing, right? In spite of the fact that most of winter is yet to come in our area, believe it or not, it is time to start making plans for summer sailing classes. Still don’t believe me? Try this: Longshore Sailing School’s registration opened today. While the school used to wait until February 1st to begin accepting registrations for junior sailors, the staff is happy to have moved it up a month. “We knew parents wanted to register earlier, so we thought, why not make it possible? Our online registration system has been great, and really helped us manage the change,” said the school’s business manager, Matt Kanaga.
So, parents, let this serve as a first reminder…it’s time to start plotting your course for the summer.
Longshore’s registration information can be found at