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Bridge Street backed up again? Take the Saugatuck…

Vol. II, No. 82

The GIBBS Quadski underway on the water. Photo courtesy Gibbs Sports.

Amphibious vehicles have always fascinated me. I even sit through those cheesy Duck Boat tours now and again, just for the amphibious experience. Now personal amphibious vehicle ownership is not so far out of reach.  After years of research and millions of dollars of investment, a company in Michigan has come out with a personal amphibious vehicle that sells for $40k.  The vehicle goes 45mph on both land and water, and transitions from “car” to “boat” in just four seconds.  Sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted!  I’ll hope to see some traveling the Sound this summer, but I wonder how our lawmakers will deal with the new class of vehicle…will it be registered as a vessel or a vehicle at the DMV?  Will drivers get tickets for not wearing their  seat belts?  Will operators need  beach stickers to get into compo, plus launch permits to use the ramp?

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