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Bridge Street Bridge Repairs

Vol. III, No. 9

Bridge Street Bridge Westport

A closer look at the Bridge Street swing bridge. Photo by John Kantor.

Anything with moving parts requires some occasional maintenance. The repair work on the Rte. 136 bridge over the Saugatuck River has been going on for months. It may seem like years to those who have been delayed more than once by closures. Lately the bridge has been completely closed for quite a few hours quite a few days each week causing traffic woes all over town. The Post Road bridge, which is very busy on a normal day, has been backing up with the extra traffic a mile or so upstream in downtown Westport.

If you do not have a boat, you may not be familiar with the Bridge Street Bridge’s underpinnings. So here is a look at it from beneath. It is a swing bridge. A swing bridge rotates on a turntable mechanism in order to open for transiting boat traffic. The entire bridge rotates a quarter turn to allow taller vessels to pass through. It then rotates back to its normal position to accept road traffic.  Smaller boats, of course, can pass right under anytime if the tide is not too high.

Traffic in the area, boat and automotive, picks up significantly starting on Memorial Day weekend and continues throughout the summer. Let’s hope the work is completed soon.