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Short on time? Take a speed tour…

Vol. III, No. 51

A speedboat tour in action recently on the Hudson River. Photo by Allen Clark /

I am admittedly a snob when it comes to…most things.  Especially boating things. When I see boats like this custom speedboat that operates at up to 45 mph with groups of what appears to be about 50 people, I am immediately critical.  To me, it’s a cross between a jet ski and a roller coaster, and is operated by a captain who in this picture appears to be aptly dressed in a white sleeveless t-shirt.

But this boat gets great reviews on TripAdvisor.  Sure, everybody loves a thrill.  But a lot of the appeal in the reviews seems to be the time-saving factor. Passengers can cross “boat ride” off of their Manhattan bucket list in only 30 minutes.  And as one reviewer explains: it’s “so much better than a boring boat ride that takes forever.”

I guess our time-crunched society has adapted. If this pleases the masses, so be it. I’m glad I can still enjoy a slow sail.