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Extend the boating season with a Safe Boating course

Vol. III, No. 57

An F-18 sails off of Rye this weekend. Photo by Allen Clark /

An F-18 sails off of Rye this weekend. Photo by Allen Clark /

Do you know which wind direction causes huge waves to stack up on Western Long Island Sound? The participants in this weekend’s Heineken HPDO at American Yacht Club certainly do. Two days of strong Northeast winds (yep, that’s the answer, Northeast or East), created huge seas for the small high performance boats to contend with.

Long Island Sound runs roughly Northeast to Southwest with openings at either end.  When wind comes from the Eastern opening, it pushes water into the sound and by the time it gets to us, the waves have developed quite a fetch.

Do you know which direction thunderstorms usually come from? Or how cold Long Island Sound is in May? If this kind of stuff interests you, or it if doesn’t but you need to get your CT Safe Boating Certificate, consider taking a safe boating course this fall.  It’s a great way to extend the season and get a head start for next year. Longshore’s offering their convenient one-day class on October 26th.  See more info here.