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Stuff I Found on the Beach

Vol. IV, No. 3

A view of the "new" Hendricks Point in Westport. Photo by John Kantor.

A view of the “new” Hendrick’s Point in Westport. Photo by John Kantor.

Once again plastic beverage bottles won the day. They were the most common type of trash washed up at the high tide line. Bud Light was the beer can of choice. Smirnoff vodka was the liquor bottle winner. Soft drink containers were all over the map, from chocolate milk to fruit drink.IMG_0039

This is the 4th annual inventory of trash found on the shoreline on Earth Day. As always, we reviewed a half mile stretch of Hendrick’s Point on the Saugatuck River mouth at Westport’s Longshore Club Park. But this year was a little different. Hurricanes Irene (Aug. 2011) and Sandy (Oct. 2012) took down most trees and eroded away much of the soil-capped edges from when Hendrick’s Point was a garbage dump. Ancient trash spewed out. With financial help from FEMA the Town recently completed restoration and containment work. So the regular disinterment of old garbage was not a factor this year.

Nevertheless, there were plenty of flotsam and jetsam on display from who-knows-where. Part two of this tradition is to return with garbage bags for collection and relocation to the Town Recycling Center. The fun part is pondering where all this stuff had been before it was lost at sea.

Here is this year’s list:IMG_0047

Plastic bags of every description
A grocery receipt
Fishing gear packaging
Plastic liquor bottles (all Smirnoff)
Plastic plates
Paper cups (mostly coffee)
Ribbon (for gift wrap)
Soft drink bottles (all manner of)
Shot gun shells (spent)
Golf balls (this beach surrounds a driving range)
Soda bottles
A boat fender
Candy wrappers (of all kinds)
Beer cans (all Bud Light)
Plastic conduit
A soccer ball
Plastic flower pot
A tennis ball
Italian ice container
Electric wire (must have floated in on something else)
Foam swim noodle
Whiffle ball
Bubble wrap