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The New Tiki Bar at Cockenoe Island

Vol. IV, No. 30

The "Tiki Bar" at Cockenoe Island. Photo by John Kantor.

The “Tiki Bar” at Cockenoe Island. Photo by John Kantor.

Beach bars are pretty common in the tropics. But we don’t see many in our latitude. Nevertheless, a new beach bar opened this year in the inner harbor of Cockenoe Island, the Tiki Bar. It’s an honor bar that never closes, and you won’t find it on the internet.

IMG_0124Patrons come and go by boat, but there are no docks, nor any moorings. Everything is BYO, including a chair. It is unlicensed, unstaffed, and has no amenities other than panoramic water views. There are no roads, no parking, no bathrooms and no furniture. There is no roof, no floor – not even a bar.

The seating area is entirely al fresco. Sit wherever you like. If you’d like to re-do the décor, have at it. Whatever you bring with you or find on the beach is fair game. No rules.IMG_0097

The dress code is ultra-casual. Shirts and shoes are rarely seen. Bathing attire is recommended. All ages are welcome. No IDs required.

If this sounds like your kind of place, belly on up to Cockenoe’s new hot spot – the Tiki Bar – whenever the spirit moves you. There are no reservations. Just remember to check the forecast, the tide table, and bring your own anchor.