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Ned Lamont For Governor



I support Ned Lamont for Governor. I was an early and enthusiastic supporter of Ned’s in his successful run for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. ( I was the principal driver of the famous KISS float displayed all over the state on my truck.)

Many of my fellow Lamont supporters would prefer that Ned wait until 2012 for a rematch with Lieberman, rather than fight a steep uphill battle against the weirdly popular Governor Rell.

But what we need is a different kind of candidate to run against Rell, not one of the career politicians currently in or mentioned for the race ( although Nancy Wyman is the most attractive candiddate among that group.)

Ned will bring a new energy and new perspectives to the governor’s race, and will accomplish far more when elected than any of the other lifers.

Ned founded his own company, Lamont Digital Systems, in 1984. Now known as Campus Televideo, the company serves over 150 campuses across the country with foreign language, distance learning and cable television services. He is a graduate of both Harvard and the Yale School of Management.

He spent eight years in local government, chaired the state investment advisory council overseeing a $20 billion pension fund, served on many civic boards, and has served as a policy member at the Brookings Institution.

Ned served as a fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics in Spring 2007, and currently serves on the board of Mercy Corps, Conservation Services Group, and Teach for America CT. He serves as the chair of the Arts and Sciences Public Policy Committee at Central Connecticut State University.

In 2006, Ned energized the grassroots and netroots and defeated incumbent Sen. Joseph Lieberman in the Democratic primary, becoming the Democratic candidate for Senate in Connecticut. Tens of thousands of new voters registered as Democrats for the primary.

Ned and his wife Annie live in Fairfield County with their three teenaged children.

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