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Monthly Archive for June, 2009

: June, 2009

Is Sarah Palin The Best Republicans Have To Offer?

As Republican presidential hopefuls continue to self-destruct, Srah Palin looms larger and larger. But a great article in Vanity Fair raises lots of questions about her: Here’s one: Why did so many

Don’t Revive Military Commissions

The New York Times reports that the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel advised the administration that detainees can claim some constitutional rights if they are tried in military commissions within the

Governor Rell: Please Don’t Veto the Budget

Some comments and analysis on Governor Rell’s threatened veto: “On the eve of June 30, the end of the state’s fiscal year, the Governor is still threatening to veto a workable budget that will help

Who’s Polling For Schiff?

According to CQ Politics ( CQ = Congressional Quarterly): Investor and financial commentator Peter Schiff is doing polling in Connecticut to gauge support for a potential Republican Senate run. Schiff

Dan Malloy Is Working Hard

I attended a very nice fundraiser for NARAL – CT held in honor of Mike Brown’s election to their Board Of Directors. Mike Brown and I share a unique distinction: we were trashed together in a very

Energy Reform – Are You a Truster Or Cynic?

I’m somewhere in between a “truster “and a “cynic” as defined by Robert Reich: People who voted for Barack Obama tend to fall into one of two camps: Trusters, who believe he’s a good man with the

Latest Health Research is Fascinating

There’s an awful lot of interesting new health research published this week –the most exciting to me was the news that Overweight People Live Longest! My weight has always been pointed out as an

Chris Dodd is Fighting for Us

Chris Dodd is continuing his fight for consumer rights, and getting passionate about it: At the same time, he is fighting for health care reform. Senator Ted Kennedy from Massachusetts, praises his

We Need Complete Disclosure from Tobacco Companies of Changes Made to Cigarettes

As President Obama prepares to sign a bill giving the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) oversight of the tobacco industry, a new study from Harvard School of Public Health ( HSPH) researchers shows

Jim Himes Espouses Fiscal Conservatism, Dismaying Some Supporters

To the dismay of many supporters, Jim Himes has signed on as a sponsor of pay-as-you-go legislation, requiring all new government programs costing money be offset by spending reductions or tax