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Monthly Archive for July, 2009

: July, 2009

Republican Campaign $ = Strange Doings

Don Michak, writing in the Manchester Journal Inquirer, has done a terrific job of analyzing the contributions to the campaigns of the Republican candidates: 1. Rob Simmons Out-of-state conservatives

Amann Thinks Legislative Experience Trumps Administrative

What else is he going to say? He has never run anything. He says he won’t criticize, then goes ahead and does exactly that:

Rell Admits New Taxes Needed

It’s outrageous that Governor Rell, with all of her department secretaries, deputies, press people, and budget experts, took six months to admit that our budget woes are actually far worse than she

Fascinating plan – can it work in Connecticut?

Economist Farid A. Khavari, Democratic candidate for Florida Governor, announced his economic plan to revitalize Florida’s economy, replace over 700,000 lost jobs, stabilize the housing market, and

Good for Senator McCain

Senator John McCain, who led the fight against further F-22 funding, is now going along with President Obama’s position on the nation’s missile defense program, much to the dismay of some of his

Subprime Candidate

H/T (and stolen headline) CT Blue A recent article in The Day reported on the checkered background of a Republican candidate for City Council in New London: When Andrew Lockwood introduced himself to

Rell’s original budget deficit estimate $2.558 billion below number agreed upon this weekend

WHAT’S $2.558 BILLION BETWEEN FRIENDS? After six months of substantially low-balling the size of the state’s projected budget deficit, Governor M. Jodi Rell finally agreed to a new budget deficit


Small businesses play an important role in the U.S. economy and are a strong driver of job growth and innovation. But small businesses are severely disadvantaged by the current U.S. health care system

“It’s despicable”

Today the House of Representatives voted down an amendment offered by Representative Mike Pence (R-Ind.) that would have prevented family planning funds under the Health and Human Services

With 325,000 Connecticut Residents Lacking Health Coverage, Simmons Has Choice To Make: Stand With Republicans For Political Gain or Do The Right Thing

Republicans are refusing to work with Senate Democrats on bi-partisan health care reforms: Orrin Hatch, a Republican senator from Utah, yesterday walked out of a meeting at the Senate finance