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Monthly Archive for October, 2009

: October, 2009

Illinois Legislation A Model For Connecticut?

While the U.S. Congress is still working to strike a comprehensive health reform package, Illinois is leading the way for the rest of the nation with legislation aimed at helping consumers who are

Ad Targeted at Joe Lieberman

Seems reasonable enough – “don’t make us pay for health care reform by cutting Medicare.” I can agree with that: But the goal of the ad’s sponsor is NOT to protect Medicare, it’s to defeat health care

Spokesman for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies has become a whistleblower and advocate for health insurance reform

For 20 years, Wendell Potter was the corporate public relations executive for CIGNA. Last year he left his job as the head of communications for CIGNA – one of the nation’s largest health insurers –

Connecticut Making Some Progress on Afterschool, Survey Finds, But “Has a Long Way to Go”

Afterschool Alliance Survey of Connecticut Households Finds Increase in Afterschool Enrollment Since 2004, But Also Vast Unmet Demand for Afterschool Programs A new survey finds an increase in

Connecticut’s Shared Work Program

I met today with the head of a large manufacturing company in Connecticut who has avoided laying off workers despite a severe downturn in his business due to a “great’ program the State of Connecticut

Gerry Garcia, Candidate for Secretary of the State:

“I’m a Puerto Rican Jew born on Bastille Day. I’m married to a Polish Catholic who one day will be our newest American. My campaign manager is a black gay legislator from Bethel.” Read an article

Richard Jacobs For Fairfield’s TP&Z

Do you lose sleep at night worrying about who will be elected to Fairfield’s Town Plan and Zoning Commission? Probably not, but you should!!! In my first four years on Fairfield’s Plan and Zoning

Joint Committee on Taxation Projects Internet Gambling Regulation Would Generate Nearly $42 Billion in New Revenue

As Congress considers how to pay for health care reform and other critical programs, a Joint Committee on Taxation analysis released today by Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA) found that regulating Internet

Lack of Insurance May Have Figured in Nearly 17,000 Childhood Deaths, Study Shows

Lack of health insurance might have led or contributed to nearly 17,000 deaths among hospitalized children in the United States in the span of less than two decades, according to research led by the


Representatives will propose legislation to ensure Mayors don’t reward themselves with perks, such as special pension deals Calling New Britain Mayor Timothy Stewart’s special hazardous duty pension