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: November, 2009

Action is needed on Connecticut’s growing unemployment and unemployment insurance crisis

By Jonathan Pelto Chairman, CT2010: A Democratic Governor For Connecticut With more than 97,000 Connecticut residents forced to seek unemployment benefits over the past 14 months, the State’s existing

Schiff: Don’t Regulate Financial Institutions, Don’t Guarantee Bank Accounts

Libertarianism sounds appealing to many until you really understand what it means:

Peter Schiff: End Social Security

He says we can’t afford to keep paying Social Security – people will need to rely on their private assets:

Biblical Archaeology

One of my many interests, aside from politics and health, is Biblical Archaeology. I have an archaeology blog which focuses mainly on Biblical Archaeology, but also on ancient man, Neanderthals, and

Republican “purity pledge”

Here’s a quote worth pondering: Republican faithfulness to its conservative principles and public policies and Republican solidarity in opposition to Obama’s socialist agenda is necessary to preserve

Education Research Reports – November 2009

# Students’ Use of Tutoring Services # Progress Report on State Data Systems # Teacher Quality – Reading and Writing # Teacher Quality – Mathematics and Science # High School Survey of Student

Guess Which Racist Is Thinking Of Running For Governor

Mayor Mark Boughton of Danbury, according to the Connecticut Post: Boughton said he’s received numerous phone calls in recent weeks from people throughout Connecticut urging him to run for the state’s


A report by the not-for-profit, non-partisan National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) finds that Connecticut’s policies for new teachers are severely lacking. NCTQ’s 2008 State Teacher Policy

Hartford’s World AIDS Day

Hartford Commemorates 21st Anniversary of World AIDS Day, December 1, 2009 ‘Universal Access and Human Rights’ People with HIV/AIDS, AIDS advocates and activists will attend Hartford’s World AIDS Day

“Mr. Dodd’s vote was responsible and courageous”

And Simmons: “demagoguery.” Great editorial in the Hartford Courant: …U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was right in his decision to put the alleged 9/11 plotters on trial before a civilian criminal