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Jim Himes: Health Care Reform

Here’s what Jim had to say today:

It has been a very long year working on comprehensive health care reform. Over 60 town halls and health care events, much discussion, and historic votes in the House and the Senate have led us to where we are now. And if you haven’t seen this recent report on Anthem’s drastic increases in Connecticut – state regulators approving a 20% increase after Anthem requested a 32% increase – I recommend you look into it. It shows we need comprehensive reform now more than ever.

As we come closer to passing health care reform, I wanted to highlight a crucial victory we achieved in the House of Representatives two weeks ago – repealing the anti-trust exemption that health care companies have enjoyed for so long. This act will improve choice and competition for health care consumers across the board, leading to better decisions and better care. The unfair exemption drives up costs and, left unchecked, will ensure that we continue to pay too much for too little when it comes to our health care.

We must celebrate important moments like this. It was anticipation of these victories – truly changing the way Washington works and helping middle class families – that drove me to campaign for Congress three years ago. We have now empowered regulators to hold health care insurers accountable for their actions and righted a long-standing wrong.