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Welcome to the Land of Oz (Griebel)

Brian Lockhart believes this video means Republican candidate for governor Oz Griebel is willing to reach across the aisle to Democrats. It could also mean please elect all Republicans. I don’t know what it means. What do you think?

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2 Responses

  1. craig yarde says:

    Oz the Wizard has the tools to do it all. Just watch him go.

  2. Sean says:

    Good grief! That’s what he calls a candidate who’s prepared to “reach across the isle”? What nonsense! But consider the source.

    Griebel says nothing of the sort. He says that “divided government” doesn’t work. But if he’s admitting that Democrats will continue to control the General Assembly, then either he’s hinting that he’ll change party affiliation to Democratic (highly unlikely), or, yes, Jonathan, he’s urging Connecticut voters to elect more Republicans.

    If he wanted to suggest that he was going to “work across the isle” with Democrats, then it makes sense for him to say so and tell us on what issues he’s willing to move toward Democratic positions.

    But he didn’t. Reminds me of Chris Shays’ disingenuous campaign ad in which he pretends to support both McCain and Obama. Perhaps there are people out there gullible enough to respond to this nonsense.