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Democratic Candidates For Secretary of State – Endorsements

Jonathan Harris has bowed out – Two remain:

Denise Merrill



67 members of the House Democratic Caucus have endorsed Denise Merrill for Secretary of the State

The Democratic Party, voting in convention, has endorsed Denise Merrill

Gerry Garcia



Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro endorses Gerry:

DeLauro said Gerry “understands the aspirations of underrepresented communities – he’s lived them – and so many of my constituents have told me what I already knew: Gerry is the right person at the right time running for the right office.”

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano endorses Gerry:

DeStefano said he’s known Garcia for nearly 15 years, since the candidate started his political career on the Board of Aldermen. Garcia represented East Rock’s Ward 9 for three terms, from 1996 to 2001. DeStefano praised Garcia for supporting a living wage ordinance and fighting alcohol and tobacco advertising near schools. He said he’d seen firsthand how Garcia operates.