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Linda McMahon Calls Stunning Violence, Sexual Content, Employee Risk A “Soap Opera” in Campaign Ad

WWE Real for Wrestlers, Families, Concerned Parents

Linda McMahon calls the WWE’s programming a “soap opera” in her latest ad, but McMahon is kidding herself if she thinks she can portray the very real impact of pervasive steroid abuse, violence-fueled programming, and abusive treatment of women- all of which she marketed to children- as an illusion. Even McMahon recently conceded that WWE programming is indeed a “reality series”- and her attempts to distract Connecticut families ring hollow for the wrestlers in harm’s way, their families, and concerned parents whose kids tune in to WWE’s ultra-violent, profit-at-any-cost programming.


Wrestlers’ Violent Antics “Are Not Fake;” Put Performers in Harm’s Way. “In more physical ‘hard-core’ matches, wrestlers are smashed through tables, whacked in the head with steel chairs and punctured with barbed wire and tacks. Those antics are not fake.” [USAToday, 3/12/04]

2005 Study: Professional Wrestling Is The Most Violent Form of “Entertainment” on Television. A 2005 study published in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media found that professional wrestling was the most violent form of entertainment broadcast on television. The average wrestling telecast contained more than twice the number of violent interactions than other prime time programming. Moreover, the study found that the violent acts depicted in wrestling were far more “extreme” than those depicted in other forms of programming, with 23% of violent interactions containing more than 21 violent acts. [Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 6/1/05]

McMahon Built Fortune Promoting Content That “Specialized in Blood, Seminaked Women and Scripted Subplots Featuring Rape, Adultery and Familial Violence.” Under McMahon’s tenure at the WWE, she made her fortune “building up an entertainment business that specialized in blood, seminaked women and scripted subplots featuring rape, adultery and familial violence…” [Gail Collins OpEd, NYTimes, 5/26/10]

McMahon Marketed Steroids, Vulgarity, Sex, and Violence “All To Children.” “The business run by Mrs. McMahon and her husband tolerated steroids, dirty language, sex and violence — and marketed it all to children… Hubby Vince McMahon once got into a ring and ordered a female wrestler to disrobe, get on her knees and ‘bark like a dog.’ The couple’s yacht is named Sexy B[****]. Imagine a relatively civilized place like Connecticut sending someone so uncouth to represent it in the U.S. Senate. We cannot.” [Providence Journal, Editorial, 6/18/10]


“I was the CEO of World Wresting Entertainment, a soap opera that entertains millions every week. And everyone gets in on the action. [Linda for Senate campaign ad, 6/24/10]


“It was almost one of the first reality series, if you would… It was real people, who were a real family, having these interactions in a ring.” [“The Smackdown Candidate,” Business Week; 6/3/10]

Here’s the ad:

And here are examples of the “soap opera:”

WARNING: the following clips contain stomach-churning images of wrestlers beating each other with barbed-wire-wrapped chairs, slamming opponents onto a ring covered in thumbtacks and getting thrown onto tables set on fire, simulated necrophilia, and degrading, violently abusive treatment of women and the mentally handicapped.

WWE’s Most Violent Moments:

Beating of a Mentally-Handicapped Man

Linda in action:

And even more:

Simulated Necrophilia Rape in Real Funeral Parlor; Public Sex

Vince McMahon Instructs Female Wrestler to “Bark Like A Dog” [Rob Simmons for Senate YouTube Channel]

Stripped-Down Women Body Slammed on Prime Time TV: [Rob Simmons for Senate YouTube Channel]

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2 Responses

  1. bobby b says:

    “As one blogger put it, “The WWE was nothing but a vile organization that did not produce “soap operas”, but sadomasochistic and misogynist garbage that was, quite simply, obscene.””
    – – – –

    There was another blogger I read about today who posted that all goats should be spray-painted pink so that it would be easier to find them when they escaped.

    Hey, maybe we’re using the same guy!

    (Yeah, “pajo”, you’re an “independent” who’s mostly just concerned that the intelligent CT voters not be insulted. Right. Hey, do I talk to you about getting more lawn signs, or is Kantrowitz handling that now?)

  2. pajo says:

    Linda McMahon has recently claimed the WWE is a “soap opera” and not real?

    1. BLOOD MONEY! So the Benoit family tragedy wasn’t real, McMahon?
    2. So the signature pharmacy steroid scandal wasn’t real, McMahon?
    3. BLOOD MONEY! So the many WWE superstars who died young due to drug and painkiller addictions developed while working through injuries FOR YOUR COMPANY weren’t real, McMahon?
    4. So the concussions sustained by several WWE superstars (and a certain psychotic murderer) weren’t real then, McMahon?
    5. So the “future endeavors” you wished on many aspiring superstars who were “too small” and “could never make it” unless they “BULKED UP” and “WORKED HURT” weren’t real, McMahon?
    6. So the TV-G rating you encourage the WWE to use to COVER UP its past misdeeds (at ANY COST) while you try to steal a Senate seat isn’t real, McMahon?
    7. Just HOW MANY skeletons do YOU have in your closet, McMahon?

    McMahon will never truthfully answer these questions to the public.

    As one blogger put it, “The WWE was nothing but a vile organization that did not produce “soap operas”, but sadomasochistic and misogynist garbage that was, quite simply, obscene.” Imagine the message sent to thousands of young, impressionable male fans that it was OK to sexually degrade women with such impunity.

    And to Chris Healy (CT Republican Party Chairman whose wife is on the Linda McMahon payroll) and Ed Patru (Linda McMahon’s attorney)…it’s not an old story, it’s about character, and CT voters do care…Linda McMahon bought Healy out…I hope Peter Schiff destroys McMahon in the August primary and completely embarrasses Healy.

    McMahon is an insult to any intelligent CT voter and to any Republican who cherishes family values…As an independent voter, I would rather vote for Frankenstein than her.