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Working Families Party Endorses Merrill for Secretary of State

The Working Families Party has endorsed Denise Merrill for Secretary of the State.

“Denise Merrill is someone who wants to empower voters and improve participation in our democracy,” said Urania Petit, who was elected as Working Families Party Registrar of Voters in Hartford and is a member of the Working Families State Committee. “She has always shown concern for ordinary working class and middle class voters and that’s what we need in the Secretary of State’s office.”

“As Secretary of the State, one of my jobs will be to ensure that our state has a healthy, vibrant democracy.” said Denise Merrill. “Working Families is an important part of that democracy because they provide a choice and a voice to people who are frustrated with politics as usual,” she said. “I’m proud to have this endorsement.”

Merrill faces Gerry Garcia (my choice) in an August 10th Democratic Primary.

Joe Dinkin, Communications Director, CT Working Families, told me in an e-mail:

On the Secretary of the State race, we met with both candidates, and both made a pretty favorable impression. We liked both candidates. In the end, I think the distinction came down to the fact that Denise really has an extensive track record as an effective advocate and champion for the issues and values that we care about.

If Merrill wins the primary she will be listed on the ballot as both the Democratic party candidate, and the Working Families candidate. Votes cast on the Working Families ballot line are combined with Democratic votes for the cross-endorsed candidates.

The Working Families Party more often endorses Democrats but has endorsed moderate Republicans and independent candidates as well.

Working Families Party is a fast growing minor political party that fights for a fair economy and stands up for working and middle class families. Founded by a coalition of labor unions and neighborhood activists, the Working Families Party was formed to inject issues like healthcare, quality education, and livable wages into the public debate, and to hold politicians accountable on those issues.