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: July, 2010

Government Intervention Helped Avert A Depression

Economists Yesterday economists Mark Zandi and Alan Blinder released the first comprehensive study that estimates the total effect of fiscal and financial policies of the last few years. They write:

OK, I’m Back

I said I was through with the Democratic governor’s primary, but this is too good to ignore: Glassman responds to Malloy’s newest negative advertising ‚ÄúRunning with Dan four years ago, I watched him

Legal Action Against Connecticut Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz For Urging Voters To Register Democratic or Republican

Cross-posted with permission from the Third Party and Independent Daily blog. (I said from the beginning that she had no business doing this) Scott Deshefy, the Green Party candidate for Congress in

Fedele Attacks Foley

As much as I hate to see Democrats attacking each other, I love it when Republicans do:

Calif. Tea Party to Use Dogs to Harass Muslim Worshippers

Hey Rob Simmons – welcome back! Still carrying that teabag everywhere? California Tea Party supporters are being told to bring dogs to harass Muslim worshippers during a Friday congregational prayer,

Connecticut Education Fails Again

Despite adapting several “education reform” measures, including ridiculous national standards*, Connecticut once again did not qualify for “Race To The Top” funding, although each one of our closest

McMahons’ Steroid Fantasies

Vince and Linda McMahon have recently questioned whether or not steroids are really bad for you. Vince: Stamford Advocate: InVincible: WWE boss McMahon sits down for a chat (July 26, 2010) “There’s

Himes, Finch, Pavia Announce Funding for Local Transportation Projects

Congress Street Bridge and Stamford Urban Transitway receive appropriations Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4), Stamford Mayor Mike Pavia, and Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch announced today that the U.S. House

Trailers In The Left Lane

Maybe it was my post. I’ve noticed fewer trailers on the Parkway lately. On the other hand, for some reason, I’ve seen lots of trailers in the left lane on the turnpike in the last week or so.: Sec.

Dan Malloy Has Crossed The Line

While I have made no secret of my preference for Ned Lamont, I have tried to give Dan Malloy equal coverage on this blog. I have reported on Malloy’s numerous endorsements, and on his well-thought out