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Monthly Archive for November, 2010

: November, 2010

“You’re Despicable”

That’s what Daffy Duck used to say (and still does for all I know). But I’m addressing it today against the 11 Democrats who voted against extending unemployment benefits. (Twenty-one Republicans

Nuclear Power Analyzed – Still No Satisfactory Waste Management Solution

A broad review of current research on nuclear power economics has been published in the Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy (JRSE) is an


Purpose The purpose of the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors Act, also called the DREAM Act, is to help those individuals who meet certain requirements, have an opportunity to enlist

Credit Card Offers Are Needlessly Confusing; New Law Brings Some Improvement

Credit card offers have grown increasingly complicated since 2000, when Congress required issuers to start disclosing pricing information on credit card offers. But instead of providing clarity to

Film and TV industry tax subsidies, like those in place in Connecticut, are costly and ineffective

A new report from the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities concludes that film and TV industry tax subsidies, like those in place in Connecticut, are costly and ineffective. As noted in the report’s

Pelosi Statement on Republicans Voting to Block Extension of Unemployment Insurance

Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after Republicans in the House blocked extending unemployment insurance, which would have extended unemployment insurance for millions of

New Study Shows Older, Wealthier Voters Surged to the Polls in 2010

While the 2008 electorate was the most diverse in American history, and voters gave the majority of their votes to Democrats, the 2010 midterm election experienced unusually high participation from

Jim Himes Starts Up Where He Left Off

Failing to support Democrats in their efforts to achieve economic justice. First, he has refused to endorse Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of The House, despite the fact that her only opponent is notorious

Jon’s Health Tips – Part II

Among the healthy choices I have abandoned for the most part during my health crisis, I forgot to mention fish and fish oil. Any way, I am still behind on my health research reports, so here are some

Jon’s Health Tips

Irony of ironies – I have been felled by a combination of health problems (beyond my control) and while suffering through them have been forced to give up almost all my regular healthy activities