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Monthly Archive for December, 2010

: December, 2010

This Year’s Six Worst Deficit-Reduction Ideas

Following is commentary by Greg Anrig, vice president for policy and programs at The Century Foundation and author of “The Conservatives Have No Clothes: Why Right-Wing Ideas Keep Failing” (John Wiley

Lest We Forget

Joe Lieberman’s speech at the Republican National Convention:

5 Post-Election Achievements You Should Know About

1. Overturned Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  This was the right thing to do for our military, and it was the right thing to do for our country. No longer will thousands of patriotic

Jon’s Health Tips – Latest Health Research

I started the blog on which these reports are based largely to motivate myself to keep informed and to adapt healthier ways of life. Due to the fact that I was somewhat overweight, and that my father

Top Ten Evolution Stories of 2010

hose crafty creationists just won’t let up. Since they can’t get their way in the courts or state legislatures, their new tactic is to attack the curriculum itself, from science standards to

Democrats May Not Be Hurt By Realignment

Political Winners and Losers from 2010 Census Not as Obvious as Some Claim Donald Beachler, the coauthor of “Winning the White House, 2008,” says that Republican success in the 2010 midterm elections

Best and Worst in Education of 2010

Following is commentary by Richard Kahlenberg, a Senior Fellow at The Century Foundation In 2010, the education world was dominated by discussions of which states would win the “Race to the Top”

New Health Reform Benefits Going Into Effect on January 1

Starting on January 1, a number of important new benefits will go into effect under the Affordable Care Act passed by Congress earlier this year. As the new year begins, insurance companies will have

Joe Lieberman – Democratic candidate for Senate?

Mr. L. apparently thinks one nod towards liberalism (DADT) in a sea of anti-gay marriage (DOMA), pro-Republican (McCain-Palin, McMahon) and other right-wing, war-mongering positions (Iran) is enough

Social Security Key To Older Women

Without Social Security, research indicates that about half of women age 65 and older would be living in poverty. With the program in place, the poverty rate for women falls to 12 percent. These facts