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: January, 2011

Let’s Compete With Other Countries’ Social Policies

Following is commentary by Greg Anrig, Vice President for Policy, The Century Foundation. – – – – Many progressives find President Barack Obama to be a somewhat frustrating leader for reasons his

New Report: Coal Power Plants Release Huge Quantities of Mercury, Polluting Streams and Rivers Nationwide

Despite the success of statewide action to reduce mercury pollution from power plants, Connecticut still is saddled with the health effects of other states’ mercury pollution, according to a new

State of the Union 2011: Education

Following is commentary by Richard Kahlenberg, Fellow, The Century Foundation. – – – – The President’s State of the Union address represented a missed opportunity in the education sphere. As I noted

State of the Union: State of Health Care

Following is commentary by Maggie Mahar, a fellow at The Century Foundation. – – – – In his State of the Union Speech, President Obama devoted only a few minutes to health care reform. This might

Either House Majority Leader Eric Cantor doesn’t understand how Social Security works or he doesn’t care

Just hours after President Obama said that Social Security cuts and privatization are off the table, Cantor said that Social Security had to be cut to balance the budget. But here’s the thing: Social

Movement Analysis: State of the Union

Following is commentary by Karen Bradley and Karen Studd. Bradley is Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies for the School of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies at the University of

Leading Organizations Call for Stronger Senate Rules Reform Package

With the Senate Democratic caucus prepared to discuss the issue of rules reform at a lunch meeting today, Fix the Senate Now remains supportive of common sense reforms that make the Senate more

Reaction to President’s Speech

1. “The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) is encouraged that President Obama made job creation and moving the economy forward a central message in his address to

The CBO Punching Bag

By Harold Pollack, a fellow at The Century and the Helen Ross Professor at the School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago. – – – – At the moment, Republicans are deeply unhappy

Joe Lieberman – A Profile in Courage?

Alvin Felzenberg thinks so, as he discusses at length in an op-ed in yesterday’s CT Post. And I suppose he’s right. It does take a certain amount of courage to: 1. lie to your constituents: “No one