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Monthly Archive for March, 2011

: March, 2011

Nearly 4 million Medicare beneficiaries receive help with prescription drug cost under Affordable Care Act

Savings from new drug discounts in 2011 already total $38 million Through provisions of the Affordable Care Act, nearly 4 million people with Medicare who reached the program’s Part D coverage gap in

Paul Krugman Agrees

He agrees with me: (T)he only way we’ll get any budget deal now — or, I’d say, any time in the next several years — will be if conservatives come up with an offer. And they won’t.

Small Business Health Coverage Becomes More Affordable and Accessible With New Tax Credit

Small businesses are finding it easier to secure medical coverage for their employees following implementation of a new tax credit that was enacted through last year’s health insurance reform law.

Government Shutdown Until 2013?

A government shutdown would hurt Republicans much more than Democrats: A PPP poll of registered voters released this week showed that most Americans think a government shutdown would be bad for the

Replacing Ken Flatto

From the charter: “Method of filling vacancies on the Board of Selectmen. At any time a vacancy occurs on the Board of Selectmen, including First Selectman, a replacement, who shall be registered with


(HARTFORD, CT) — Governor Dannel P. Malloy today announced that he has appointed Fairfield First Selectman Kenneth Flatto as Executive Director of the Division of Special Revenue. The Division of

Libya: Not What We Expected

To me, establishing a no-fly zone in an arena where essentially unarmed civilians are being shot down by air strikes is a reasonable assertion of international authority. Even the Arab League approved

Teachers, Nuclear Dangers, Abortion Rights

Greater Danger Lies in Spent Fuel Than in Reactors NY Times Years of procrastination in deciding on long-term disposal of highly radioactive fuel rods from nuclear reactors are now coming back to

Green (and White) Tea’s Health Benefits

White Tea vs. Green Tea When discussing white tea vs green tea, it is important to realize that they both come from the same plant, the tea plant Camellia sinensis. The main difference between the two

Interesting 3/18

1. New Republic: In Bachmann, A Serious Contender As the 2012 Republican presidential field finally takes shape over the next few months, one thing is fairly certain: An intensely ideological female