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: June, 2011

Things I Worry About – Economic Disaster Version

The debt ceiling crisis – it’s getting worse: Time to get scared about debt limit armageddon By Jonathan Bernstein: House Republicans seem to really buy what Michele Bachmann and others are selling:

Low-income families’ diets often fall short in nutrition

More than seven in 10 low-income families in a new study struggled to reach adequate levels of nutrition in their diet, researchers said. When asked to recall food choices from the previous day, only

Malloy Has Other Options

As of now, the Governor’s entire plan is to tell his department heads to save $700 million. The legislature is supposed to OK that plan. He says he has to act now (he doesn’t) and that it’s his only

Michele Bachmann’s false and misleading claims

From Rep. Michele Bachmann officially joined the presidential campaign trail, but made a flurry of false and misleading claims along the way. The Minnesota Republican appeared on two

Michele Bachmann: Eliminate Minumum Wage, Many Other Rules and Regulations

Michele wants to do away with anything that inhibits economic activity of any sort – explicitly minimum wage, but also implicitly, healths and safety regulations, environmental regulations, nuclear

You Have To Laugh To Stop From Crying

The rejection by state employee union members is the latest step in the tragedy/farce of Malloy budget calculations and negotiations. Colin McEnroe finds humor in this very sad development: This is

Jon’s Health Tips – Latest Health Research

Lots of interesting stuff the last 3 weeks, mostly on diet: I. I’ve got to cut down even more on carbs – almost all are whole grain now – maybe that’s different? And eat even fewer potatoes (I LOVE

Republicans want to destroy our economy

We are headed to disaster (debt default – or massive spending decreases in the face of continuing recession and horrible unemployment) as a result of Republicans refusal to consider any tax increases

High technology, not low taxes, may drive states’ economic growth

High-tech training may trump tax breaks for creating more jobs and improving a state’s economy, according to a team of economists. “We found that lower state taxes were not statistically associated

President Obama has thus far failed to use the bully pulpit to make the case for bold action on climate change

Former Vice President Al Gore is going where few environmentalists – and fellow Democrats – have gone before: criticizing President Barack Obama’s record on global warming. In a 7,000-word essay for