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: January, 2012

Donovan Raises More Than $700,000

More Than $200,000 Raised From More Than 1,800 Donors in Fourth Quarter; Average Contribution of Just $66 Total Raised From More Than 4,500 Individual Contributors in Just Over 2 Quarters in 2011

Mitt’s Greatest Hits

A View from the Classroom: Proven Ideas for Student Achievement

A View from the Classroom: Proven Ideas for Student Achievement is a comprehensive education reform plan developed by teachers that includes changing the teacher evaluation process and replacing

More On Romney’s Involvement in Medicare Fraud

H/T to a commenter on my previous post on this subject. This is well worth watching in full:

Latest Health Research

I will certainly stop eating protein before major surgery in the future – but just not into total diet restriction: Protein-free diet good for you? Limiting certain essential nutrients for several

Damon: While Romney was a director, defrauded Medicare of millions,

Well, this is ununusual. A labor union weighing in on a Republian primary. Guess AFSCME thinks Newt would be a weaker candidate than Mitt: Here’s what says about this ad: The ad, called

Education Reform Needs a Redo

The Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER), a non-profit organization representing business and civic leaders, outlined its legislative priorities today. CCER’s mission is to represent the

The American Federation of Teachers Connecticut Endorses Donovan for Congress

AFT Connecticut announced their support for Democratic candidate for the Fifth Congressional District Chris Donovan today in Meriden. AFT Connecticut, an affiliate of the American Federation of

“Unethical, Erratic, Reckless”

That about sums him up: From the Romney campaign, as described here.

Rising Test Scores in Connecticut School Districts Related to the Exclusion of Students with Disabilities

A new report by Connecticut Voices for Children finds that the exclusion of thousands of students with disabilities from reported Connecticut Mastery Test results has distorted reported trends in test