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Daily Archive for February 9th, 2012

: February 9th, 2012

Malloy’s Attack on Tenure

Here’s what he says: To earn that tenure – that job security – in today’s system basically the only thing you have to do is show up for four years. Do that, and tenure is yours. The bottom line? Today
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Santorum Insanity

1. We are headed to the guillotine: 2. Abortions have undermined the solvency of Social Security, because there aren’t enough workers available to support retirees. 3. Obama will force Catholics to
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‘Newt Gingrich: Talks Like a Preacher, Lives Like a Porn Star’

Truth Wins Out is placing a provocative full-page ad in the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call today admonishing Newt Gingrich for his stunning hypocrisy on the issue of marriage equality. The ad’s
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DNC Targets Romney Once Again

Which is always fun: And in my next post, Gingrich get what he deserves. Watch for it! But shouldn’t we be targeting Santorum now?
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Bridgeport, Stamford, Danbury Get Screwed

From Wait, What by Jon Pelto School District Number of Students* Increase in Funds* Increase per student* Achievement First – The Charter School Company 2,440 (approx) $6.2 million plus $2,600
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