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Daily Archive for February 21st, 2012

: February 21st, 2012

Why is “Education Reform” Being Pushed In Connecticut?

From Wait, What by Jon Pelto In his “historic” call for “education reform”, an end to teacher tenure and a disproportionate transfer of public dollars to charter schools the Governor failed to point

Rick Santorum

by Liam Burke Most people know that Rick Santorum is extremely socially conservative. So where does Santorum stand on other issues? ON GLOBAL WARMING & THE EPA Called Global Warming a “hoax” as

Santorum: global warming is “political science,” not “climate science.”

He says President Obama has a “phony theology” that’s not “based on the Bible”: When you have a worldview that elevates the Earth above man and says that we can’t take those resources because we’re

How bad are carbs really?

I eat a lot of carbs: fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains mostly. I need them to feel full. Some of my friends (and my wife) advocate a low carb, high protein diet, but I have chosen to eat