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: March, 2012

The Prevention and Public Health Fund needs to be fully supported

Two years ago, the federal government made a historic investment in turning the country’s sick care system into a true health care system by creating the Prevention and Public Health Fund. The fund

Romney Is No Moderate

He can’t etch-a-sketch away his full-throated support for extreme right wing positions:

“Collective Bargaining Makes Boosting Student Performance Impossible”

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What ConnCAN, the Connecticut charter school lobby group, has a new flyer (see link below) claiming that collective bargaining and unions “will not only make it impossible to

Himes Crows About His Vote For A Bad Budget

From Jim Himes: Himes Votes for Only Bipartisan Budget Continues support for a long-term budget that puts America on a path toward fiscal sustainability WASHINGTON, DC—Congressman Jim Himes (CT-4)

Two of the best recent videos

Health News Report

More articles than those linked to here and complete reports on those linked to here are available here: Health News Report. My last report is here. Lots of interesting stuff in the last 3 weeks: I’m

My Way or the Highway?

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What (links added) Yesterday, one of country’s most radical “education reformers” told Governor Malloy that if he can’t get his “Education Reform” bill back to its original

Dan Malloy and The National Forces Pushing for Education Reform

by Jon Pelto from Wait, What National “Education Reform” Leader instructs Malloy that if he can’t get SB24 back to its original language he should; “…just veto S.B. 24. Period. It’s not worth signing.

How To Rescue Health Reform From The Supreme Court

by Robert Reich: ….Those who are opposing the law say a requirement that individuals contract with private insurance companies isn’t regulation of interstate commerce. It’s coercion of individuals.


The 1500 daily parkers at the Stamford train station are facing years of chaos, and perhaps a lifetime of disappointment, if the CT Dept. of Transportation mishandles the upcoming replacement of the