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: April, 2012


Yesterday, the House Agriculture Committee marked up a bill to meet the instructions in the House Majority’s recently passed budget to cut $33.2 billion from programs in its jurisdiction over ten

My Grandfather’s First? Car

The Connecticut. Dept. of Motor Vehicles has put its old vehicle registration on-line. Here are two vehicles registered to my grandfather: Connecticut motor vehicle register (Volume

More On Mitt’s Secrets

Romney’s Secrets

$18.3M In Longevity Payments Go To State Employees

Some time ago Jon Pelto wrote that only non-union state employees would get longevity payments this spring. That wasn’t true: From CT News Junkie $18.3M In Longevity Payments Go To State Employees by

What’s a GNESPA?

As Jon Pelto details, here, it is a registered lobbyist in Connecticut. But if it legally exists at all, it is clearly a cover front for Michelle Rhee’s StudentFirst. In fact if you go to GNESPA’s

Most Americans, Including Romney Supporters, Favor Higher Tax on Rich, Survey Finds

President Barack Obama lately has been arguing for increased taxes on the rich through his proposed “Buffet Rule,” which would ensure that millionaires and billionaires pay a minimum effective tax

Charter schools spend more on administration than public schools

While charter school advocates criticize public school bureaucracies as bloated and wasteful, it turns out that charters spend more on administration and less on instruction than traditional public

Is Malloy Bluffing?

by Jon Pelto from Wait What? Governor Dannel Malloy came out of a closed-door meeting with local elected officials yesterday and put it all the line. The Governor could not have been any clearer then

Pew: States Rely Heavily on Tax Incentives, but Few Evaluate Whether They Work

Every state offers tax incentives to attract, retain, and expand businesses and jobs. But no state ensures that policy makers rely on good evidence about whether these investments deliver a strong