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Walker Evans: Bridgeport, CT Photographs

Art History News – 1 day ago

The famed photographer Walker Evans came to Bridgeport in 1941 on assignment from Fortune Magazine and took the above photograph as well as a series standing on a street corner: Here are the photographs that appeared in the magazine. His Bridgeport photographs are featured in a new exhibit at The National Gallery In Washington, D.C.

Landscapes by Thomas Moran

Art History News – 1 day ago

First Retrospective of Landscapes by Thomas Moran at the National Gallery of Art, Includes Yellowstone Images that Inspired U.S. Congress to Establish First National Park
The first retrospective of paintings by Thomas Moran (1837-1926), long recognized as one of America’s foremost landscape artists, was on view at the National Gallery of Art, East Building, September 28, 1997 – January 11, 1998. The exhibition featured approximately 100 of Moran’s finest watercolors and oil paintings, which provided Americans with breathtaking views of the American West, including the first images… more »

A Nurse Practitioner-Driven Palliative Care Intervention Improves Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life

Hospice Care Research – 2 days ago

Recent studies have shown that palliative care interventions aimed at addressing patients’ emotional, spiritual and social needs have a significant impact on cancer patients’ quality of life and may even improve cancer patients’ overall survival. Despite this, most cancer patients being cared for in their communities do not have access to these services. Most cancer patients also do not have advance directives addressed and are not aware of the benefits of hospice services. In order to address this issue, researchers at Mayo Clinic in Florida decided to test whether a nurse pract… more »

Joan Miró’s Work Examined in Landmark Exhibition

Art History News – 2 days ago

National Gallery of Art, Washington—Sole U.S. Venue, May 6–August 12, 2012 * Celebrated as one of the greatest modern artists, Joan Miró (1893–1983) developed a visual language that reflected his vision and energy in a variety of styles across many media. On view at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, East Building, from May 6 to August 12, 2012, *Joan Miró: The Ladder of Escape *reveals the politically engaged side of Miró through some 120 paintings and works on paper that span his entire career. They reflect the artist’s passionate response to one of the most turbulent perio… more »

Long-Term Outcomes of College-Prep Programs

Education Research Report – 2 days ago

A program in Texas in 2010 provided payments to inner-city 11th and 12th grade students and their teachers for achieving passing scores on Advanced Placement exams. This study finds that the students involved were more likely to attend college, to remain beyond their first year, and to earn a college degree. They also were likelier to be employed and to earn higher wages than students not in the program. This evidence suggests that implementing college-prep programs in existing urban schools can improve the long-run prospects for disadvantaged students.

pSchool Turnarounds: Evidence from the 2009 Stimulus

Education Research Report – 2 days ago

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) targeted substantial School Improvement Grants (SIGs) to the nation’s “persistently lowest achieving” public schools (i.e., up to $2 million per school annually over 3 years) but required schools accepting these awards to implement a federally prescribed school-reform model. Schools that met the “lowest-achieving” and “lack of progress” thresholds within their state had prioritized eligibility for these SIG-funded interventions. Using data from California, this study leverages these two discontinuous eligibility rules to i… more »

Required physical education in schools may ensure kids meet daily recommended physical activity levels

Education Research Report – 3 days ago

In a time period when many schools are eliminating their physical education classes even while childhood obesity and diabetes rates skyrocket in this country, a national study published today in the American Journal of Public Health finds that specific and required state PE time-related laws may be a crucial tool for ensuring that daily physical activity recommendations among children are met. Researchers examined whether or not public schools in states with specific and stringent physical education laws reported more weekly PE time in the most recent School Health Policies and P… more »

Head Impacts in Contact Sports May Reduce Learning in College Athletes

Education Research Report – 3 days ago

A new study suggests that head impacts experienced during contact sports such as football and hockey may worsen some college athletes’ ability to acquire new information. The research is published in the May 16, 2012, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study involved college athletes at three Division I schools and compared 214 athletes in contact sports to 45 athletes in non-contact sports such as track, crew and Nordic skiing at the beginning and at the end of their seasons. The contact sport athletes wore special helmets t… more »

John Taylor Arms: Exquisite Prints

Art History News – 3 days ago

*John Taylor Arms, The Gates of the City, 1922_color etching and aquatint on laid paper, Gift (Partial and Promised) of Judy and Leo Zickler* The astonishing dexterity and passion for detail of American printmaker John Taylor Arms (1887–1953) was revealed in the first exhibition of his works at the National Gallery of Art, Washington. On view in the West Building from May 8 to November 27, 2011, *The Gothic Spirit of John Taylor Arms* featured some 60 prints, drawings, and copperplates that span the artist’s career, from his early New York series to his finest images of cathedra… more »

The Importance of Being in School: A Report on Absenteeism in the Nation’s Public Schools

Education Research Report – 3 days ago

Students need to attend school daily to succeed. The good news of this report is that being in school leads to succeeding in school. Achievement, especially in math, is very sensitive to attendance, and absence of even two weeks during one school year matters. Attendance also strongly affects standardized test scores and graduation and dropout rates. Educators and policymakers cannot truly understand achievement gaps or efforts to close them without considering chronic absenteeism. Chronic absenteeism is not the same as truancy or average daily attendance – the attendance rate sch… more »