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: June, 2012

How Does The Supreme Court’s Ruling Against Health Reform’s Expansion of Medicaid Affect CT?

I posed this question to Sharon D. Langer, MEd, JD Senior Policy Fellow Connecticut Voices for Children Here’s her response: We don’t believe that Connecticut will forego 100% federal funding (over

CT Voices for Children praises Supreme Court ruling upholding health reform law

Connecticut Voices for Children today cheered the U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the health reform law, pointing to the many benefits and protections it offers for children in the state. “This

Chris Shays Is A Moderate?

Does this sound like a moderate? The Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of the individual healthcare mandate just reaffirms the need to send someone to the United States Senate

A “Culture of Corruption?”

from Wait What by Jon Pelto Last September, following Hurricane Irene’s landfall in Connecticut, President Obama released significant resources to help people, including the availability of emergency

Comprehensive Restaurant Listings With Links and Reviews

Updated: Westport Restaurants Stratford Restaurants Bridgeport Restaurants

Latest Health Research

I. Things I take/get/do that are good for me (Note #9 especially!) 1. Statins A. Statins = Reduced Risk of Recurrent Cardiovascular Events in Men, Women 2. Vitamin D/ Sun A. Low vitamin D levels

SEIU Endorses Donovan for Congress

The Service Employees International Union Connecticut State Council, along with the SEIU affiliated locals the Connecticut State Employees Association, the New England Health Care Employees Union

Hey Bridgeport; Vallas Has Your Credit Card and He’s Going Wild (Part II of II)

From Wait, What by Jon Pelto ….Then there is Vallas’ decision to purchase Rubicon Atlas, a powerful curriculum mapping program. Rubicon’s pitch is that their software provides “a tool to organize,

Asians Overtake Hispanics in New Immigrant Arrivals

Asians Surpass U.S. Public in Valuing Marriage, Parenthood, Hard Work Asians have overtaken Hispanics as the largest group of new immigrants arriving each year in the United States, according to “The

Food industry needs more scrutiny

Editors and guest editors of the prestigious scientific journal PLoS Medicine argue that the multinational food and beverage industry has a growing influence on the global health agenda and a major