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How Does The Supreme Court’s Ruling Against Health Reform’s Expansion of Medicaid Affect CT?

I posed this question to Sharon D. Langer, MEd, JD
Senior Policy Fellow
Connecticut Voices for Children

Here’s her response:

We don’t believe that Connecticut will forego 100% federal funding (over time that will decrease to about 90% federal funding) to cover a large segment of the uninsured through the Medicaid expansion. Connecticut was the first state to adopt a more limited version of the expansion in order to receive 50% federal matching funds. (We currently cover individuals with incomes below 56% of the federal poverty level). It is true that the Court ruled that states can choose to forego the Medicaid expansion (covering uninsured individuals with income up to 133% of the federal poverty level) and not risk losing their federal reimbursement for the rest of their Medicaid programs. See Judy Solomon’s blog post on the Center on Budget & Public Priorities website for a more in depth explanation of why states are unlikely to forego the opportunity to cover low-income individuals through Medicaid.